Blockchain in Entertainment & Social Media Industry

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Role of Zoomcoin in the Entertainment and Social Media industry

Zoomcoin makes micropayments possible. This is a big change that can be brought to the entertainment industry. Think about buying a single song for 50 cents. That might be difficult given the traditional systems of payments. A large number of transaction charges would make it burdensome. However, it is completely possible to use Zoomcoin.

Zoomcoin makes product tracking possible. So, there can be a giant public repository of records that will help sellers know who has purchased their content and when. and easy to use in social reward.

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Possible Use Cases of Zoomcoin

Several proposed improvements to social media involve the introduction of blockchain technology.

Hopefully, these improvements can help mitigate some of the detrimental mental health effects of social media, as well as privacy concerns that have plagued several of the most popular social media platforms.

Removing the User as the Product

The idea is that no central authority will have the capacity to use our information for their purposes, essentially freeing social media users from their current status as products.

Better Control Over Content

This could put an end to platforms where a single host has complete authority to dictate the type of content that is being peddled alongside user posts.

Improved Security

One of those benefits is the encryption of data to ensure that stronger measures of security remain in place, regardless of whether you are uploading top-secret information or kitten memes.

In-App Payments

Because cryptocurrencies are enabled by blockchain technology, the ability to tie payments into a blockchain-enabled social network would seemingly be far easier and secure than the attempts we’ve seen from legacy social networks.

Verifying Online Identities

Wouldn’t it be nice to use a social platform that stopped misrepresenting the number of followers a person has or was immune to the malevolent intentions of bots deployed by meddling foreign governments?

Freedom to Access Information

Decentralized ledgers built upon blockchain technology are distributed across several nodes, and therefore the information they contain and disseminate is nearly impossible to censor.

Verified Marketplaces

Consumers would have the ability to interact with verified businesses that align with their wants and needs, while sellers would have access to vendors and customers who are inclined to consider laying down some dough for a quality product or service.

Attracting Users With In-App Tokens

By executing automatic payments via smart contract technology in the form of native coins, platforms will be able to compete directly for users, with the value of their coins being tied to the popularity of the platform.

Authenticating Legitimacy of Content

We are using algorithms built into the blockchain to verify the authenticity of user-generated video, showing the promise that the technology holds to help curb the rise in malicious or untrustworthy content and information.

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Zoomcoin and Social Media : A new generation of decentralized social media platforms.

Until now, we have seen those qualities of blockchain technology that can change the face of the social media and entertainment industry.

Moving to Zoomcoin will be extremely beneficial to the entertainment industry. They can delight customers in ways that were not possible before. If used the right way, Zoomcoin technology can help them restore customers’ faith in the system.

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Innovation work collaboration

When it comes to traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, the fundamental problems include fake news, excessive trolling, censorship, and demonetization, respectively.

Concluding Lines

No matter which way we look, the decentralized nature of Blockchain technology is the future of several fields, especially in social media, because of the fact there is no central organization or supervisor controlling value.

Legal Information

Certificate of incorporation of a private limited company

Company No: 13267955


Company Address: 15 Maple Street, London, United Kingdom, W1T 4BN

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Token Details

It enables new forms of Entertainment

Funds Allocation

Token Details

Token Name : Zoom Coin
Token Type : TRC20
Total Supply : 10,000,000 ZOOM
Precision : 8
Solidity : 0.4.25
Optimization : 200 runs


Sept 2020
Ideology Implement
Jan 2021
Token Development
MAR 2021
MAR 2021
Zoom -Networking Platform
APR 2021
Development Phase - 1
AUG 2021
Zoom OT Platform
Development Phase- 2
NOV 2021
Platform Phase - 1
JAN 2022
Platform publicly Launching
FEB 2022
Platform Android App
I-Os App Launching
MAR 2022
Partnership With Other Company
APR 2022
Social Media Platform Launching
Token FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZOOM on Exchange and what is the value of it?

The value of ZOOM is determined by the community and is based on the current trading offering. You can see on Zoomcoin is listed on VinDAX and BankCEX exchange and what the current value is.

What are the objectives of this Token?

Zoomcoin makes micropayments possible. This is a big change that can be brought to the entertainment industry.

What is the total supply of this token?

The Total Supply of the token is = 10,000,000 ZOOM

Is there a community chat?

Yes, you can chat with the community on our official Telegram Channel HERE